Mega Man

    Character » Mega Man appears in 179 issues.

    Rock, once a simple robot made by the world-renowned Dr. Light, was modified to become Rock Man (Mega Man outside of Japan) and fight against the evil robots sent by Dr. Wily.

    Rock AKA Megaman

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    Just finished the first 3 issues of the megaman comics...He is such a hero!, The characteristics of the "Super Fighting Robot" as well as his abilities are outstanding. If you could choose a couple as your favorite...What would they be?

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    Well, besides his awesome fighting skills, I really like his will to always do what's right. For example: Dr. Light programmed Mega Man with free will, so he wasn't forced to become the beloved blue bomber we all know and love. But instead he choose to do what's right and take action against Dr. Wily.

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