Meg Devereux

    Character » Meg Devereux appears in 7 issues.

    Meg Devereux is a powerless teenager that resides in Beverly Hills, California.

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    Origin and History


    Meg Devereux is a student of Payton Noble High School in Beverly Hills, California. As a baseline human, she was subject to little or no knowledge of superheroics. This changed, however, when the former X-Man known as Jubilee moved to the Hills in order to briefly live with her aunt Hope.

    On Jubilee's first day of classes at Payton Noble H.S., she befriended and confided in Meg. Meg was known around school as a plain Jane, or nerd, due to her shy persona and poor self esteem.

    When Meg witnessed Jubilee using her blinding powers on two girls that attacked her in the locker room, she instantly latched onto the once-mutant Chinese-American. Hanging out with and following in Jubilee's footsteps, she gained a sense of self respect.

    Just as soon as Meg befriended the former X-Man, she had to part ways with her, as Jubilee moved back to the X-Mansion after her aunt supposedly died in an explosion. Meg learned many lessons during that time, though, and was also able to score a date with the school's most popular jock.


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