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Drawn by Laura Howell the Meebo and Zuky comic strip appears in The Beano. In July 2010, voted for by Beano readers, Meebo and Zuky beat several other strips to win the 'Comic Idol' and became a regular story in the comic. The two main characters, Meebo and Zuky are a cat and dog who fight like, well, like cat and dog. Whenever one of them achieve's something or succeeds at something the other will go to any length to spoil it.

Obama and Meebo
Obama and Meebo
In September 2010 Meebo and Zuky made the news when it became known that President Obama would appear in the strip in issue 3554 of the Beano. The story involved Meebo being chosen for a mission to Mars to search for intelligent life. Jealous of Meebo's success Zuky sort to sabotage the mission and they both ended up fighting on the surface of Mars. The final panel has Barack Obama commenting "Well, I guess this proves there's no intelligent life on Mars..."

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