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    Founded in 1969 by Alexei Ruyanev, this group of subversives is out to achieve a sort of world government, though their plan for doing so is somewhat bizarre; in essence, they wish to unite the world by rallying it against a singular threat - the Medusa Web!

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    Originally working in a standard military sense, the Web has recently augmented their forces with paranormal warriors...  

    Funded by a vast array of anonymous corporate concerns, the Medusa Web works towards its goal in an odd fashion. You see, it plans on forcing the world to unite against a singular foe it perceives to be greater than its component nations - namely, the Medusa Web! Ruyanev and Panagitis were well on their way towards making their goal a reality when it happened.

    The White Event, a strange astronomical phenomenon that occurred late in 1986, was seemingly unimportant until it was discovered that it left several people in its wake with paranormal powers. Panagitis was one of those people. After the Event, he'd developed the power of languages; coupled with his natural charisma and vast tactical skills, this made Panagitis the ideal leader of the Web.

    Realizing that he probably wasn't the only man to have developed strange and wonderful powers, Panagitis decided to go recruiting, looking for others like himself, others with powers that were more than human.
    He'd collected about a dozen paranormals, and had them specially trained to be paramilitary operatives, in exchange for lots and lots of money and a generally cushy life (when they weren't off on missions, of course). Of course, the lifestyle was highly dangerous, and even with their super human powers, Babel's paranormal field team experienced occasional casualties. 

    For instance, as the world began to fall apart in the wake of the White Event, Babel had decided that he wanted to recruit the so-called Psi-Force into the Web's ranks, and came up with a nifty plan with the U.S. Government in order to facilitate this. This plan failed in the end, however, when the Americans went back on their deal, and the mission cost the Web its super speedster, Relampago.

    Persistent to the end, Babel continued working on the Psi-Force youths, and eventually gained their trust after freeing them from the Siberian Project a year later. Of course, this operation cost the team more lives, and Gatto di Sangue was another casualty of his recruiting attempts; naturally, this is because the team encountered the demonic Rodstvow while making good on their escape.

    Psi-Force wasn't the Medusa Web's only concern, however. Between his first and second big recruiting drive, Babel had sent his team out on various shady missions. For instance, Potiphar was sent to recover a lost shipment of nerve gas from a band of Iranians and return them to their rightful owners. Later, he and several others were sent to acquire schematics for the Mark III M.A.X. armor.

    Their most ambitious move, however, involved inserting Toocheetsch into the Soviet seat of power. After discovering that his parability involved the manipulation of his body mass, Babel had him disguised as a perfect body double for Mikhail Gorbachev, and then had him take over the U.S.S.R. by replacing the real deal. Of course, what the Web did with their newfound rule has yet to be seen.

    That was because the War, the third world-wide conflict to occur on the earth, had broken out immediately after Toocheetsch had been put in power - much as Babel had predicted. Of course, the Web wasn't quite ready to make itself the world's primary target yet, so it simply did everything it could to keep the earth in one peace for the duration of the conflict.

    The exact nature of these actions, as well as those after the War itself, have yet to be revealed...


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