Medallion of Power

    Object » Medallion of Power appears in 19 issues.

    The Medallion of Power was too strong for one person alone to Handel so the group known as The Blood broke it into piece's and placed it in two family's, the Kale family and the Badilino family.

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    The Medallion of Power existed on Earth before the fall of Atlantis. During a time when man relied on the supernatural for protection and power, the Medallion was coveted by Zarathos. He sought to use the mystic power of the Medallion to take over Earth. The ancient group opposed Zarathos, who's purpose was to protect the Medallion of Power, the Blood allied themselves with the old spirit of vengeance, they fought and the spirit of vengeance managed to capture Zarathos in the medallion but at a cost the spirit of vengeance was also captured in the Medallion. The high member of the Blood called Caretaker decided the Medallion was now to powerful for one person to possessed by one person alone, so the Caretaker decided to brake it into piece's and placed them in the souls of the descendant of two human families, the Kale family and the Badilino family. The piece's can be activated by powerful supernatural beings such as Doctor Strange and Mephisto, the pieces are actually pieces of Zarathos and the spirit of vengeance and when activated transform the dissendents into the living spirit of vengeance, Ghost Rider. When a piece holder die's, their piece is bound to not the next in line but the person after that, eg Naomi Kale's (mother of the true and current Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze) piece has been bound to Johnny's son, Craig Blaze. (Please keep in mind that this is the old origin and will be changed when retold.)

    Those to known to hold a piece:

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