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Proper Japanese Title: Watashi wa Ningen ga Daisuki desu (私は人間が大好きです)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 177: Up Until Now, That Person (この人は今まで, Kono nin ha imamade)
  • Chapter 178: I Cannot Promise That (約束はできない, Yakusoku Hadekinai)
  • Chapter 179: I Love People (私は人間が大好きです, Watashi ha Ningen ga Daisuki desu)
  • Chapter 180: Kurokami Final (黒神ファイナル, Kurokami Fainaru)
  • Chapter 181: You Lost (私達は負けたんだよ, Watashi Tachi ha make Tandayo)
  • Chapter 182: My Words Will Reach (言葉は届く, Kotoba ha Todoku)
  • Chapter 183: His Heart Was Full (心と共にあるような, Kokoro to Tomoni Aruyouna)
  • Chapter 184: And Medaka-chan (そしてめだかちゃんは, Soshite Medaka-chan ha)
  • Chapter 185: One Plus One is (いちたすいちは, Ichi Tasu Ichi ha)

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