Medaka Box #19

    Medaka Box » Medaka Box #19 - Yōkoso Shiranui no Sato e released by Shueisha on February 9, 2013.

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    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 159. Shiranui Hansode is (不知火半袖って, Shiranui Hansode tte)
    • Chapter 160. Welcome to the Shiranui Village (ようこそ不知火の里へ, Yōkoso Shiranui no Sato he)
    • Chapter 161. What We're Really Protecting is (俺達が守っているのは, Oretachi ga Mamotte Irunoha)
    • Chapter 162. Everything About Hakoniwa Academy (箱庭学園のすべてが, Hakoniwa Gakuen no Subetega)
    • Chapter 163. Fresh (新しい, Atarashii)
    • Chapter 164. Born to Destroy the World (世界を滅ぼすために生まれてきた, Sekai wo Horobo Sutameni umare Tekita)
    • Chapter 165. The Thirteen Party (十三組の十三人, Sātein Pāti)
    • Chapter 166. I'll Crush Him Before the Day is Over (今日中に叩き潰す, Kyoujuu ni Tataki Tsubusu)
    • Chapter 167. I Definitely Won't Tell You (絶対に教えない, Zettai ni Oshie nai)

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