Medaka Box #18

    Medaka Box » Medaka Box #18 - Kono Tatakai ga Owattara released by Shueisha on December 9, 2012.

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    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 150. I Want To Be Like That (あんな風になりたいなあ, Anna Kaze Ninaritainaa)
    • Chapter 151. We Don't Run Away (僕達は逃げない, Bokutachi ha Nige nai)
    • Chapter 152. This Seems Like a Price Worth Paying, Doesn't It? (これで割は合うであろ?, Korede Wari ha au Dearo?)
    • Chapter 153. After The End of This Battle (この戦いが終わったら, Kono Tatakai ga Owattara)
    • Chapter 154. What is Important to Me Now (今の私に大事なものは, Ima no Watashi ni Daiji Namonoha)
    • Chapter 155. For The Sake of Zenkichi (善吉のために, Zenkichi no Tameni)
    • Chapter 156. I am Kurokami Medaka (私は黒神めだか, Watashi wa Kurokami Medaka)
    • Chapter 157. My Loss Would Have Been Decided (私の負けは決まっていたよ, Watashi no Make ha Kimatteitayo)
    • Chapter 158. I Have No Words To Say (言葉もない, Kotoba Monai)

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