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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 141. Before I Can Be Happy (幸せになる前に, Shiawase ni Naru Mae ni)
  • Chapter 142. My Opponents Lack Nothing (相手にとって不足なし, Aite Nitotte Fusoku Nashi)
  • Chapter 143. No, It's Not For That Reason (そんな理由じゃないんてすよ, Sonna Riyuu Jya Nain Desu yo)
  • Chapter 144. Hakoniwa Academy's 100th Student Council Committee (箱庭学園第百生徒会執行部, Hakoniwa Gakuen dai hyaku Seitokai Shikkoubu)
  • Chapter 145. Will Still Be Alive Tomorrow (明日も絶対生きてるから, Ashita mo Zettai iki Terukara)
  • Chapter 146. I Didn't Mean to Laugh (笑うつもりはなかったんです, Warau Tsumorihanakattandesu)
  • Chapter 147. Feels Like Your Luck is at an All Time Low (不幸のどん底ゆう感じ, Fukou Nodon soko yuu Kanji)
  • Chapter 148. I am Medaka-chan's Older Sister (めだかちゃんのお姉ちゃんだ, Medaka-Chan no Onee-Chan Da)
  • Chapter 149. Why Did I Come Here? (何しにここに来たんだろう, Nani Shinikokoni Kitan Darou)

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