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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 132. This is the Spring Time of Youth (これぞ青春, Korezo Seishun)
  • Chapter 133. You Are No One But Yourself (他の誰でもない, Hoka no Dare Demo nai)
  • Chapter 134. You Are The Main Character (お前が主役だ, Omae ga Shuyaku da)
  • Chapter 135. Shout (叫べ, Sakebe)
  • Chapter 136. That Song is Definitely (あの曲はきっと, Ano Kyoku wa Kitto)
  • Chapter 137. We Will Use The Suggestion Box (目安箱を使用する, Meyasubako o Shiyōsuru)
  • Chapter 138. If You Wish to Change Medaka-chan (もしもめだかちゃんを変えたいのなら, Moshimo Medaka-chan o Kaetai no Nara)
  • Chapter 139. I Thought That it Was Wrong For Me to Live (生きてちゃ駄目だと思っていた, Ikitecha Dame da to Omotteita)
  • Chapter 140. Life Is Epic (生きることは劇的だ, Ikiru Koto wa Gekiteki da)

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