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Proper Japanese Title: Ima mo Mukashi mo Sonna Kimi ga (今も昔もそんな君が)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 089. "And There Is Only One Rule" (そしてルールはただ一つ Soshite Rūru wa Tada Hitotsu)
  • Chapter 090. "Now and Long Ago" (今も昔もそんな君が Ima mo Mukashi mo Sonna Kimi ga)
  • Chapter 091. "Even If There Are Mistakes" (違いがあるとすれば Chigai ga Aru to Sureba)
  • Chapter 092. "I Was Told We'd Be Equals Someday" (永遠に揃わないと言われていた Eien ni Sorowanai to Iwareteita)
  • Chapter 093. "We're Just Impartial Non-Humans" (平等なだけの人外だよ Byōdō na Dake no Jingai da yo)
  • Chapter 094. "The Making of Kurokami Medaka's Successor" (黒神めだかの後継者作り Kurokami Medaka no Kōkeisha-zukuri)
  • Chapter 095. "If You Were Alone..." (ひとりでもいるのなら Hitori Demo Iru no Nara)
  • Chapter 096. "Because It's My Job!" (僕の仕事だからね Boku no Shigoto Dakara ne)
  • Chapter 097. "Please Don't Laugh" (笑ってやてください Waratteyate Kudasai)

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