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Mechanoid Scout MK-5 was sent to Earth in order to see if the civilization that lived on it and matured enough for intergalactic trade. While flying in near Detroit he was witnessed by Iron Man who was testing out recent adjustments to Iron Man armor. Mechanoid captured the Iron Avenger so that he wouldn't be able to alert anyone of his presence and if the Earth was unsuited for trade he would take Iron Man back to his people for study.

The Mechanoid then attempted to get a better view of what was going on at ground level so he desided to fly down and hitch a ride. After changing his form he was picked up by a Belinda Thompkins who had just broke it off with her then boyfriend Luke. Mechanoid introduced himself to her as "Mike".

While the two continued to drive they happened on two more hitchhikers who were escaped convicts by the names of Baldy Kolak and Rasko who were trying to outrun the police after they had just crashed their stolen car. The two criminals highjacked the car with Belinda and "Mike" still inside. Their driving persisted until Baldy spotted Iron Man flying overhead. Iron Man had using his wits was able to esacpe from the Mechanoid's spacecraft and was now in pursuit of the robot. Upon realizing that the superhero seemed to be following them Baldy started shooting at the flying man of iron.

Eventually Iron Man was able to stall the car. "Mike" at this point was having enough of the criminals actions and decided to act himself but was shot by Baldy. The criminal moved his attention onto Belinda when the still alive "Mike" grabbed his hand holding the gun and crushed it. That's when the criminal's partner Rasko also shot at "Mike" but was then taken out by Iron Man.

"Mike" proceeded to tell Belinda that he wasn't human and that he reached his end. That's when "Mike" exploded from his injuries, leaving behind only a pile of debris where the form once stood.

What happened to the Mechanoid's ship is unknown.


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