Character » Mechadoom appears in 5 issues.

    A self-aware Doombot who fought Deathlok and Misty Knight.

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    Mechadoom was created by Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan. He first appeared in Deathlok #2 - The Souls of the Cyber-Folk (Part One):Caught in the Cybernet.


    The Souls of the Cyber-Folk

    Mechadoom was originally a Doombot created by Kristoff Vernard. Kristoff worked on a self-awareness program but quit prior to the completion of the robot. Unknown to him it was already self-aware. Waiting silently in Castle Doom, the robot completed its construction and started making improvements on its own. At first it wanted to please its absent master. Then "he" realized that this master had abandoned him. Then finally the idea of a master controlling "him" filled him with fear. He fled Castle Doom.

    To "his" concern his programming still allowed for Kristoff or Doctor Doom to take over his control upon making contact with "him". "He" tried to alter this program to no effect. "He" created Doombots of his own but still could not locate ways to make them truly independent. Realizing there were intelligent and independent robots, androids and cyborgs out there, Mechadoom decided to abduct and study them. His Doombots captured Bushwacker, Forge, Jocasta, Machine Man, Ruby Thursday and Ultron. They tried and failed to capture Misty Knight.

    Misty recruited Deathlok to help investigate what was going on. They found the captured cyborgs, and were confronted by Mechadoom, who they assumed to be the genuine Dr. Doom. They at first tried to fight him head-on, but he easily severed Misty's arm, and fought tot-to-toe with Deathlok. After his computers detected Mechadoom's robotic nature, Deathlok fled to get Misty repairs courtesy of Mr. Fantastic.

    Soon afterward, Deathlok returned to fight Mechadoom, but quickly became trapped in cyberspace. Misty Knight, the Fantastic Four and members of the X-Men soon arrived, and were attacked by Doombots. Deathlok fought Mechadoom in Cyberspace, and after learning of Mechadoom's history, pointed out that he was motivated by a desire for freedom and fear of destruction, and was thus truly a person. This allowed them to reason with Mechadoom and free the captured cyborgs and androids.

    Mr. Fantastic was able to remove the programing that forced Mechadoom to follow Doom's commands with little trouble. Mechadoom was making plans for his future... when killed by Ultron, who proved less forgiving than the others involved in the affair.

    Powers and Abilities

    Mechadoom could project powerful blasts and an energy force field around him. It could take over non-sentient machinery with ease. However it drew much of its power from an external battery. When destroyed in battle his energy reserves were limited.


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