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    Character » Mecha Manta appears in 14 issues.

    Black Manta's father turned into an AI placed into a giant robot by Lex Luthor during the Year of the Villains events.

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    During the events of the Year of the Villain, Lex Luthor revives the consciousness of Jesse Hyde, father of Black Manta, as a self-aware AI that inhabits Mecha Manta. Later, he presents it to Black Manta and makes him subject to his actions, who manipulates him to attack Aquaman in Amnesty Bay. During the battle that arises between the two arch enemies, Black Manta decides to kill Mera and Aqualad, who had gathered strength to face Mecha Manta. Realizing that Aqualad is Jackson Hyde, his grandson, Mecha Manta refuses to finish him off and rebels against his own son. Mera and Aqualad's combined attack destroys Mecha Manta's body, but leaves her head and consciousness intact.

    Later, when Princess Andy is kidnapped by order of the Ocean Master, Aqualad seeks out Black Manta to request his help in the search for the infant. Black Manta tells your child where she can locate Mecha Manta's head and that it will help her in her task. Thanks to the own modifications of its AI, Mecha Manta helps to locate Aquaman's daughter and his safe return home.

    Later, Aqualad and Black Manta clash so that the former frees his grandfather from his father's clutches. After this, she goes to Xebel. Arriving there he finds that the Atlantean city is facing an attack from The Trench. After stopping this attack, grandfather and grandson travel together again, becoming Mecha Manta a powerful ally of Aqualad.


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