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    A murderous Meatmarket was one of the many Lilin that aided Lilith.

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    Meatmarket was one of the many Lilin that aided Lilith.

    He was discovered killing a man in Boston when he was rediscovered by Lilith. As soon as Lilith came back he was willing to help right away. He was given a mission to spy on the Nightstalkers and make sure that they kill Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze in a trick played by Lilith. The Plan almost went through until the Nightstalkers spot Meatmarket and after fight, Meat market is disembowled by the Nightstalkers. His head is sent back to Lilith.

    Moments later, Meatmarket is brought back to life by the Lilin Doc and given a new body. Meatmarket is then able to fight in the battle in Greenland against the Midnight Sons. During the battle Meatmarket is beaten to death by a bone by Victoria Montessi.

    Months later he is brought back to life by Lilith's rebirth of her children. He then takes part in the Siege of Darkness. He attacks the Brooklyn police station with Blackout, and Dark Legion but is defeated by Vengeance and then went after Blade again only to be stabbed in he back but not before delivering a few blows to Blade.

    Meatmarket and the rest of the Lilin were defeated after Ghost Rider, Blaze, and Vengeance used the Medallion of Power and sent back to the Shadowside.

    He was then spotted in the Shadowside dimension battling Devil-Slayer for his cape. However Meatmarket was beaten badly and lost the fight and is forever stuck with the other Lilin in the Shadowside Dimension.


    Besides from having berserker strength, Meatmarket can also turn invisible.


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