Character » Meanstreak appears in 17 issues.

    Meanstreak is a member of the Extremists. Second in command to Dreamslayer in the second incarnation of the team.

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    Metallo was one of the villains sent to planet Salvation. 
    Together with her teammates in the New Extremists, Meanstreak takes pleasure in ruination and pain. The extra dimensional being Dreamslayer invited Meanstreak into the New Extremists in order to bring an end to the JLA, a challenge they failed to achieve. Later, Dreamslayer seized a device operated by the Colorado cult, "Flock of the Machine" (who worshipped the all powerful Overmaster) to provide a second chance at glory for Meanstreak and her comrades. After they again fell short, the Overmaster drew the New Extremists into his Cadre, an army of super villains. Despit its size, the Cadre foundered, but Meanstreak and her fellow New Extremists are still active as mobile mercenaries.

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