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    Meanstreak is a mutant who can move at superhuman speeds and joined the X-Men in 2099.

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    Henri is a mutant who can move almost to mach speeds. When a man named Xi'an broke him out of a Alchemax contract Henri began a new purpose. He would call himself Meanstreak and give up his past. He did this so the world could be a better place for all mutants. While the Xi'an gathering was happening Henri and Krystalin were trying to get Bloodhawk away from the Synge Corporation so they could offer him to join there team. Bloodhawk turned them down but he would come back and help the X-men every once and a while.


    Meanstreak was created by John Francis Moore and Ron Lim and first appeared in X-Men 2099 issue 1 (1993).

    Major Story Arcs

    Clearing a Name

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    One day when the Synge Corporation thought Xi'an had killed their leader. Meanstreak and the other X-men went to go clear his name. On this mission they were captured but, soon enough the other X-men came and helped them. So in the end they cleared Xi'an's name of the murder. When Meanstreak's friend was in trouble he ignored Xi'an and went to go find his friend. Skullfire went with him to help him. There they were captured by the theater of pain. Where they tortured Skullfire which made his powers go off and release them from the theater of pain. The men then went to his friends apartment where the found a journal that led to the mutant Ravage. Ravage had no answers so he led them to a floating city called Valhalla. When they arrived meanstreak' friend had been turned into Loki. They then were attacked by Heimdall but he was defeated when Meanstreak's friend gave them a control that turned off his powers. The rest of the X-men got off the city before the vigilante heroes got the city under control. Henri went with the X-men to find Mama Hurricane. This is when everyone decided to split up. But, Meanstreak decided to stay with the remaining X-men. Meanstreak met up with his old friend who is now calling himself Halloween Jack and the two decided to take over Vegas. During this event Halloween Jack warped the city and became the king of his new kingdom but, Meanstreak decided to go back to the X-men. Meanstreak then went to break his remaining friends out of the theater of pain. During this time Xi'an was in a criminal rampage but, was snapped out of it. The president of that time who was doom made it so all of the Theatre of Pain prisoners would be able to live in a place called Halo city. The rest of the X-men went to live in Halo city where Meanstreak had become a patrol there. When Krystalin asked for help a group called the Zoomers tried to kill Xi'a. During this fight Meanstreak had reached high speeds but, the Zoomers kept up with him. He then tried to out race them but, reaching the speed of sound a energy field appeared and sucked him in. When this happened all the X-man had to leave Halo City and go to the Savage Lands.

    Years later, Henri resurfaced again as part of X-Men 2099, when the time-displaced original X-Men travelled to 2099.

    Note: Meanstreak also appeared in an alternate version, the Timestorm event, and in X-Men '92 vol.2.


    Meanstreaker could run almost as fast as mach speeds. He also had enhanced healing, stamina, and reflexes.

    Action figure

    • Meanstreak was made into an action figure the X-Men 2099 line.

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