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    Green Lantern of Space Sector 1776.

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    Green Lantern

    Status: Active

    Space Sector: 1776

    Sector Partner: Unknown

    Homeworld: Unknown

    Predecessor: Unknown

    Successor: Inapplicable


    A psychological doctor of the sixth degree, Meadlux is employed by the Guardians of the Universe to heal any psychic damage that a Green Lantern might have suffered in their travels. Meadlux has petitioned the Guardians several times to study both Kyle Rayner and Hal Jordan after their exposure to the fear-based Parallax entity, but they continually deny his request. Meadlux and Droxelle had previously headed the 'psychodrama' perfomed on Hal Jordan to test his capabilities as a Lantern following his encounter with the wizard Myrwhydden.

    Recently, in War of The Green Lanterns the Guardians had dispatched a team of Green Lanterns lead by Salaak to recover Hal Jordan for treason against universe and the Green Lantern Corps. Salaak was given permission to hand select his team to hunt the wanted Hal Jordan. Salaak chose: B'dg (Sector 1014), Turytt (Sector 786), Stel (Sector 2937), Norchavius (Sector 26), Meadlux, Lok Neboora (Sector 3814), and his sector partner Barreer Wot. He also performs psychoanalysis on Boodikka, and his notes state that ¨She will be an excellent leader for the Alpha Lanterns.¨


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