Character » MeMe appears in 54 issues.

    A mutant girl who was rescued by X-Force.

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    MeMe was a newly activated mutant who was abducted and turned into a weapon, with her family being killed in the process. X-Force freed her and took her back to their base. Being comatose next to MeMe allowed Hope Summers to mimic her abilities in order to impersonate the real MeMe to be close to her father, Cable.

    Powers & Abilities

    Electromagnetic Transference: MeMe has the ability to neurally transfer her psyche through the electromagnetic spectrum allowing her to interface with any kind of mechanical device that draws energy from these sources, so far she can unlock doors and she represents herself as a floating digital head in which to communicate with others.

    • Sentient Data Form
    • Technopathy


    MeMe's speech pattern is off possibly due to the experimentation done to her and also trying to communicate through the E.M. spectrum. She is currently brain-dead.


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