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The son of the enfeebled Wakandan; Tanso, who would find bitterness and resentment in the Panther King for many years to come for it.

Because of his father's injuries during challenge day, M'Demwe would blame T'Chaka for his percived family disgrace. While watching balefully as his hateful liege dispatched Wakandan traitors who stole or either attempted to steal Vibranium from their homeland.

He secretly worked with the Nazi WWII criminal Baron Wolfgang von Strucker in a joint attempt to corral the nation for themselves. Having formed secret ties to the global criminal cartel of HYDRA as one of its agents.When initial invasion attempts had failed. M'Demwe was given new orders to disrupt secret transactions between the good king and S.H.I.E.L.D.

Said monarchs wife had come down with an inextricable illness that even Wakandan science and medicine could not cure. So he reached out to allies from the second world war for aid in finding a remedy.

M'Demwe allied with a small Hydra platoon would act to disrupt this transaction.

Succeeding both in being the last man left standing as well as blowing up the transport ship carrying the remedy to the Queen Mother's ailment.


M'Demwe was created by Paul Renaud and Evan Narcisse. First appearing in Ride of the Black Panther #1.


M'Demwe would again strike a bargain with another outsider named Ulysses Klaww, whom sought to turn a profit from the scientist felons plunder of the sacred vibranium mound of their nation. During a heated conflict between the Panther King and his forces, M'Demwe helped in the seige of a great many outlaying Wakandan villages.

Killing a great many of his fellow tribesman while also enslaving many, many more in the service of Klaw.

One of the Wakandan villas happend to be occupied by the youth known as N'Jadaka. A young boy whom M'Demwe had a personal hand in enslaving after having dispatched his mother and father on his way through.

A betrayers end.
A betrayers end.

After Klaw's forces had been dispatched by a young prince T'Challa. M'Demwe snatched up the Wakandan child as leverage before fleeing in disgrace. The two would spend a great many years traveling abroad as he used N'Jadaka's sharp wit and fast hands in order to survive out in the world so alien to them. The former constantly boasting to his young charge about how they descend from the only unconquered nation in the world as they foraged in what the kidnapper deemed lesser cultures.

What M'Demwe failed to register was the ever mounting hatred the boy had for his despicable father figure. Stealing for him, inventing for him, being stuck with the coward who murdered his family and stole him from his home was more than the boy could bear. Especially since he could never bring them back.

One day, M'Demwe would meet his end at the hand of his slave and fellow refugee. Having grown fed up with his caretaker, N'Jadaka left him to rot as the youth made his own way in the outside world.


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