'Mazing Man

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    Wannabe Super-Hero of the DC Universe

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    Sigfried Horatio Hunch III met his best friend Denton Fixx in the Psychiatric Ward of Bellevue Hospital. They quickly became best friends, and, Hunch went home with his new, dog-faced friend, in a complete role reversal. Hunch became the second roommate of Denton's, the other was Denton's divorced stepsister, K.P. Watson.

    Hunch found a golden helmet with an "M" on it and designed an outfit and began to patrol his neighborhood as 'Mazing Man. He has stayed a local hero in Queens helping stranded cats in trees and helping the elderly cross the street.

    'Mazing Man appeared in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. The episode was made up of shorts, with Batman making cameos throughout. 'Mazing Man was hired to cat-sit and he lost the cat when it went up the chimney. 'Mazing Man destroyed the chimney looking for the cat that had escaped and was sleeping.


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