Mayor Hady

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    A corrupt and sleazy politician who was mayor of Gotham City until his assassination

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    In the Ragman backup in Batman: Streets of Gotham, Hady hired Firefly to burn down some apartment blocks so a construction company he owns could build on the land.

    It was also revealed in Red Robin #22 that he had blackmailed his opponent in order to win election and has cheated on his wife.

    In Batman Zero Year, a billboard for Hady's mayoral campaign is seen but he ends up losing to Mayor Daniel Dickerson. After his predecessors death via the Joker, Hady becomes the mayor himself by likely winning a special election with Deputy Mayor Kavanaugh.

    Major Story Arcs

    Detective Comics: Faces Of Death

    Hady is the mayor when the police find the Joker's face. Around the same time, it is also revealed he is the father of twin daughters Charlotte Rivers and Jill Hampton. However, he gave both away at birth and did not raise either. Jill however is involved in a scheme by Penguin and his henchmen to illegally control and fund the mayor's election campaign.

    Death of the Family

    When the Joker returns to Gotham, after retrieving his face, he goes on television and makes the claim that Mayor Hady will be dead at midnight. The Gotham Police Department spares no expense to protect Hady. It is revealed too late, that the security team put on the Mayor was the real target and James Gordon, Batman and Mayor Hardy are forced to watch helpless as the team succumbs to the Joker's latest toxin.

    Batman Incorporated: Gotham's Most Wanted

    After facing significant pressure from Leviathan and its leader Talia al Ghul, Mayor Hady is forced to meet their demands to declare Batman and Bruce Wayne illegal and fugitives to the law.

    Detective Comics: The Wrath

    Mayor Hady publicly endorses the company of Wrath (Caldwell) to provide enhanced technology for the Gotham City Police Department. This turned out to be nothing more than a ruse

    Batman Eternal

    After James Gordon seemingly causes the Gotham train derailment and the deaths of 162 people, Mayor Hady receives a visit from Carmine Falcone who reveals that Hady was decided as mayor in a back alley 3 months before the election and chastises him for appointing Gordon as commissioner in the 1st place. Falcone uses this to manipulate the Mayor into appointing Jack Forbes as interim Commissioner to divert attention away from his gang war with Penguin until he and Forbes are exposed by Jason Bard. Working under Hush, newly appointed Commissioner Bard pressures the mayor into declaring martial law in Gotham after he initially laughs the suggestion off. Due to further machinations by Hush that result in Batman's weapons being turned against him, the mayor works with Bard to pressure Lucius Fox into dissolving Wayne Enterprises. Later, when the city goes up in flames and the events of the past year come to a climax, the mayor tries to leave Gotham when Commissioner Bard, realizing the error of his ways, petitions to release Gordon until Bard manhandles the mayor.

    Arkham Manor

    Using the power of eminent domain and under pressure for relegating Arkham Asylum Inmates to a sports stadium close to residential neighborhoods, Mayor Hady designates Wayne Manor to serve as Arkham Manor.


    The Mayor is seen with new commissioner Maggie Sawyer snickering as Geri Powers christens James Gordon as the new Batman.


    Giving a speech, Mayor Hady is attacked by Red Hood who engages Batman and ends up shooting the Mayor seemingly wounding him. However, in actuality, the Mayor was shot with a cure of a toxin afflicted by Black Mask and comes out of it ok.

    Election Night

    While not directly mentioned by name, the Gotham mayoral election between Penguin and Constance Hill implies that either Hady chooses not to run for reelection or he reached his term limit.

    League of Shadows

    After surviving the assassination attempt by Red Hood and the toxin of Black Mask, Mayor Hady begins to think of his legacy and makes a decision to turn it around for the better. He uses the Commissioner to arrange a meeting with Batman to work together to turn around crime. However, before the Mayor could really make good on his promise, he is killed by Lady Shiva's League of Shadows and Batman is framed for his murder.


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