Maynard Plains

    Location » Maynard Plains appears in 47 issues.

    First seen as the Australian base of operations for the first incarnation of the cyborg Reavers, it was soon taken over by the outlaw X-men while the rest of the world thought they were dead. While they lived here, the X-men were completely undetectable to any and all types of mechanical and computerized scanning and surveillance systems.

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    After seemingly sacrificing their lives on national television against The Adversary, Roma resurrected the X-Men as a reward for their sacrifice.   
    Shortly after this the cyborg Reavers (lead by former Hellfire Club White King Donald Pierce) mounted an attack on the Hoen International Bank.  After robbing the bank and massacring many customers, the Reavers returned to their Australian outback hideout in Maynard Plains (via the teleporting powers of the aboriginal mutant Gateway) with Jessica Hoen as their hostage.  Just as Pretty Boy attempted to cybernetically brainwash Ms Hoen to their cause the X-Men burst into the compound to take down the entire team of cyborgs (except Pierce, Skullbuster, Bonecrusher, and Pretty Boy).  


    Roma appeared following the battle and (rather then kill the remaining Reavers) they sent them through the Siege Perilous.  She then offered the still newly-resurrected X-Men the same option: to pass through the Siege Perilous and get a new chance at life.  The team unanimously refused the offer.  As such Roma offered them the Reavers' Australian compound to use as their own, instead.  Additionally, she informed them that the entire team was completely invisible to all forms of electronic and computerized surveillance (except for the computers at their new home base).  
    In the following months the X-men operated in secrecy from their new base using Gateway to teleport around the world for missions.  During this time Madelyne (originally in an effort make herself feel useful to the team) took control of the computer system, which the Reavers had used to monitor news broadcast all around the world.  Using the computers she discovered Jean Grey alive and well and working with her husband (X-man Cyclops) as new mutant group X-Factor.  It's this that starts her down the path to becoming the Goblin Queen.  
    Unbeknown to the X-men, there was someone else who took up residence in Maynard Plains.  During a trip to the Hollywood Mall which led to a run in with M-Squad, Storm, Dazzler, Rogue and Psylocke accidentally picked up young vagrant Jubilee when she jumped through Gateway's closing portal. 
    After a mission to save Polaris in the Savage Land,  Psylocke had a precognitive vision that the Reavers were going to kill the X-men when they return to Australia.  So as soon as they stepped through Gateway's portal, Psylocke used her telepathic powers to urge the remaining X-men through the Siege Perilous to be judged and given a new lease on life rather then be butchered by the cyborgs.

    Reavers Again

     Years later the Reavers (along with Lady Deathstrike and Cylla) are shown to be using the Maynard Plains town as a base again.  They are attacked by Sentinels (sent by Trevor Fitzroy) and the entire team is destroyed (except Deathstrike who escapes and Pierce who uses Gateway to take him to the owner of the Sentinels).

    Years later in Uncanny X-Force, Lady Deathstrike and Reavers are shown still using Maynard Plains before a planned attack on Utopia.  X-Force attacks ambushes them here but the battle quickly moves through one of Gateway's portals to Utopia.  Psylocke silently dismembers and kills the remaining Reavers without anyone discovering X-Force's existence

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