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Brigid was a very respected police-detective. She had become somewhat of an ally to the superhero duo of Cloak and Dagger, since Brigid was also hunting drug-cartels and catching criminals. For this reason, the two often helped each-other out. 

Mayor Story Arcs


Detective Brigid
Detective Brigid
However, disaster struck for Brigit on one specific mission. She and a couple of her fellow police-officers had gotten a tip of a hidden drug-lab in a dock by the bay.  When Brigit and her crew entered the dock, a trap sprung. This trap was made by some of her own corrupt colleges whom fought she was getting to close to revealing the truth about them. The moment they entered the dock, Brigit and two of her colleges where locked in a glass cube witch filled with poisoned gas. Brigit tried to break free of the glass by shooting holes in it. The cube however, did not break. Brigid and her two colleges slowly fell to the ground. 
Not soon afterwards, Cloak and Dagger appeared on the scene and scattered the cube. Two of Brigid's colleges had already died, but Dagger could see a faint glow of life in Brigid. She used her powers in hope of bringing Brigid back from the brink of death, but it seemed to fail and Brigid apparently died in Dagger's hands.

Becoming Mayhem

However, nothing seemed to be further from the truth, as Brigid became conscious moments after Cloak and Dagger had left. She had somehow transformed into a gas-like being, witch also came with a slightly aggressive personality change. She started calling herself Mayhem and started fighting the good fight in hope of bringing the crooked cops to justice whom had killed two of her colleges and nearly killed her. Cloak and Dagger often teamed up with Mayhem, but rejected her more violent ways.

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