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Mayflower was a member of the Force of July, a patriotic themed superhero team run by the United States government. She had the power to control and grow plant life at a rapid rate, animating vines to capture or ensnare her opponents.

Mayflower wears a costume similar to that of a Pilgrim of colonial America, along with a long, brown cloak but without a hat or bonnet. Mayflower also speaks with a British accent.

Mayflower is the daughter of Rose Canton, the Golden Age villainess known as the Thorn. This makes her the half-sister of Jade (Jennifer "Jennie" Lynn-Hayden) and Obsidian (Todd Rice). It is unclear if she knew Jade and Obsidian were her half-siblings. It is unrevealed who her biological father was. Mayflower inherited her ability to control plants from her mother, who had the same powers.

Mayflower died during the early events of the Janus Directive, a victim of Amanda Waller's need to portray that she had been replaced by a subservient doppelganger.

In a violent confrontation, the Suicide Squad attacked the Force at their own home. Others are killed, including Mayflower's teammate Sparkler at the hands of Dr. Arthur Light. Mayflower is garrotted by Suicide Squad member Ravan.


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Mayflower wears a suit similar to the of a pilgrim of colonial America, along with a long coat, Brown, but without a hat.

  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 112 lbs
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Brown

Powers and Abilities

Mayflower had the ability to control and grow plant life. She can control all forms of plant life, causing it to grow and move at will, and secrete toxin extracts can to eliminate or control minds.


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