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    A servent to Count Abyss, Maya is the last remaining member of the Royal family of Teraxtola, in the Egolix-7 dimension.

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    Maya was the assistant of Count Abyss, whom himself was a foe of Adam Warlock & the Infinity Watch. Maya had been a member of the Royal Family on her homeplanet of Teraxtola. Her planet was however conquered by Count Abyss, and Maya was the only one who came out alive. She was putt to the task of being Count Abyss' personal assistant.  


    Maya was created by Jim Starlin and Angel Medina and first appeared in Warlock and the Infinity Watch #14 (1993).

    Mayor Story Arcs


    Maya and Warlock
    Maya and Warlock
    Maya's main use was in one of Count Abyss' schemes to take Warlock's Soul Gem. He sended Maya to the homebase of the Infinity Watch and used a love potion to make Warlock and Maya fall in love with one another. This to such a degree that Warlock was unable to focus on anything but her and was thus too distracted to be effective. But Maya was tricked as well, the potion was not supposed to work on her, but it did. Abyss did not care much, because she was expendable in his plan. Abyss then kidnapped her from Warlock and planned to trade her for the gem. However, the love spell was eventually broken and Count Abyss was defeated.

    After the defeat of Count Abyss, both Maya and Warlock return to their normal selves. Although Maya still has feelings for Warlock, she marries Warlock's ally, Darklore (though this is more than likely at least somewhat of a marriage of convenience). Warlock claims to feel nothing for her anymore as he only ever had feelings for her at all due to being put under a spell, but he is clearly shown to be moderately distressed by the situation.

    Maya and Darklore have made no appearances in the Marvel Universe since.

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