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The orphaned Maya was identified as a gifted warkaster at a very young age and put though rigorous training programs leading her into the Military Academy. It was there that she met and fell passionately in love with Marcus Antares. Marcus' older bother Urik Antares pulled strings and had them both assigned to the Konstantinov after their graduation. As a warkaster, Maya was assigned a personal bodygaurd. Marcus asked Kyuzo, a recruit for the highly trained and deadly "Zero" program, to become her bodyguard. Quietly, chivalrously, in love with Maya himself, Kyuzo agreed.

When Marcus was presumed killed at the battle of Kar Dathra's Gate, Maya refused to believe it for many years. Just as her hope had failed, a seemingly chance encounter with Makita brought her news that her husband was still alive through enchanted letter. The Red Woman appeared and told the crew of the Konstantinov of the imprisoned souls in the afterlife. The crew mutinied and entered the Spirit Realm, hotly pursued by the R.S.S. Taktarov. During a pitched battle, Maya unleashed a fatal spell, destroying the Taktarov. But instead of dying, Maya lived and became able to see the spirits of the dead as her husband did.

Passionate and earnest, Maya is determined to reach her husband.


Maya is a gifted and powerful sorceress. She also possesses the ability to see and communicate with the spirits of the dead.


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