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    An alien from the planet Ozama, who was sent to Earth in order to collect all the power codes of Ultras, in order to combat the Tulkan alien fleet.

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    Far away from Earth, on the another planet called Ozama, a race of aliens was attacked by the Tulkan Empire, known as the "Flying Death" . Aliens were unprepared for the fight. A creature called Gorask 1223 was looking at the annihilation of his race and blaming the governors for not invensting his project. Gorask wanted to create an army of super-beings, as he observed the life on the Earth and noticed that there were Ultras, an army of specially endowed beings, or "specials" as he called them, was used to defeat whatever threat appeared. But the government didn't allow this, because they thought thier legendary armed forces were more than capable of handling the coming of the Flying Death. Despite the governors' lack of support, Gorask continued his work.
    He obtained ten volunteers who would become Ozama's saviors. Gorask would upload the power codes in them, endowing them with the ability to fend off the invaders. For collecting power codes Gorask created a probe. He named it Dar'u Sorrin or maximum energy retriever. It travelled to Earth and found a host - a woman, whose name was Elizabeth King. The creature merged with the woman, located the energy signatures and prepared for power code loading. Immediately , the group of Ultras called Exiles found Maxis and the battle began.
    Despite all the efforts of Exiles, Maxis was dominating all the fight. The creature was dublicating the powers of the team, and it was only defeated when the host, Elizabeth, freed herself from the alien while the latter was distracted by Exiles, and used her just discovered power on the invader. Elizabeth had never known that she was an Ultra and that her power was absorbing and re-channeling energy. Maxis was temporarily defeated. It disappeared into the ground and used a coprse of a dead Ultra for repair. 
    After a few months, Maxis awake and started to search for another host. It found a body of the Ultra called Ironclad, who was lying in the tomb despite of the fact he wasn't dead. Maxis attacked the Exiles again, leaving Ironclad and merging with a fresh host. Maxis was stronger than ever, killing Ultras one by one and collecting their power codes. Strike, the leader of Exiles, was the one who was still opposing the creature, but even he eventually fell. Exiles were defeated. 

    Powers and Abilities

    Originally, Maxis was super-fast and was capable of generating massive energy charges. Its main and most fearsome ability is to duplicate the powers of others. The liquid metal body of Maxis is able to leech bio-energy, and it is also capable of regenerating if it is damaged.

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