Maxine Baker

    Character » Maxine Baker appears in 202 issues.

    The daughter of Buddy and Ellen Baker.

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    Maxine Baker is the daughter of Animal Man and Ellen Baker. She has been written first as a pre-schooler, then an elementary student, although in the relaunched DC Universe she's only 4 year old.

    There have been several occasions when she has connected to the Red which Animal Man claims to be the source of his abilities. Whether she will outgrow this connection, or grow to be connected more, has yet to be determined.


    Maxine Baker was created by Grant Morrison and artist Charles Truog.

    Major Story Arcs

    Animal Man (New 52)

    The Hunt

    While preparing dinner at home, Maxine Baker demands a puppy from her father, Buddy, who doesn't feel it's a good idea due to his connection with the Red. After seeing his daughter in the Red in his dreams that night, Buddy wakes up to find Maxine in the yard playing with the reanimated corpses of small animals. A neighbor runs over and accuses Cliff of digging up his yard and Maxine turns his hand into a birds claw. Everyone freaks out as Ellen demands Maxine to change it back. She does and the neighbor runs off. Buddy takes Maxine and flies her to the Red to find out more about her connection. Once they arrive Maxine takes off on her own and comes before the Totems of the Red. They explain to Buddy that he is not the true avatar of the Red but only meant to protect Maxine until she is ready. While speaking with the Totems two of the Hunters Three invade the Red and attack them. Animal Man fights back but is bitten and infected. Maxine sees her father hurt and loses control, sending the Hunters right out of the Red. She then heals her father with her bare hands.

    One of the Totems steps forward and agrees to take the form of a house cat and serve as an aide to Maxine and Buddy. They return to Cliff and Ellen who are being attacked by the third of the Hunters. As Buddy is overpowered by the Hunter, Maxine summons all of the local wildlife from the woods to attack the Hunter. By devouring the Hunter the animals become infected and turn on Maxine and her family as they flee in the RV. Later that night Buddy wakes from his sleep and has a vision of the future where his daughter fights as Animal Girl against the Rot. She is defeated as this is a future where Buddy fails to prepare her. Buddy wakes up for real this time only to find all the infected creatures outside the RV. Maxine runs out and attempts to control them before they eat her alive. Ellen and Buddy weep as Maxine takes control of a nearby fox and changes its shape into her body. Buddy leaves to save the local town from monsters from the Rot but is attacked and infected on the way. Ellen continues on with her mother and the kids when Maxine wakes up and can't feel her father in the Red. Ellen flips out and demands Maxine strop all this about the Red. While staying at a hotel, Maxine and her family are visited by John Constantine, Madam Xanadu and Zatanna who warn Ellen about a future where the Rot takes over because she denies Maxine from becoming her true potential.

    Powers & Abilities

    Most recently, Maxine has demonstrated the ability to resurrect dead animals (via returning to life previous family pets). She has also shown the ability to transmute others' limbs into animal parts. Maxine has also interpreted the tattoo-like markings that have appeared on a good portion of Animal Man's body as a map to the Red.


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