Maximus Lobo

    Character » Maximus Lobo appears in 56 issues.

    Maximus Lobo is a lycanthrophic mutant.

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    Not much is known about Maximus Lobo's past except that he killed Angel's father, Warren Worthington II, has been the head of Lobo Technologies, a subsidiary of Worthington Enterprises, for a while and has a lot of money. Maximus gathers mutants with near identical mutations to him and calls his group the Dominant Species. The goal of the group is to rid the world of non-mutants as well as mutants like X-Men who protect them. Maximus says that mutants like him (werewolves) are the true Homo Superior. The first appearance of Maximus Lobo had him killing a group of boys who were picking on a young mutant. After he killed them, he killed the mutant's boyfriend as well, just for being human. The X-Men found out about this and went to find him. The group (Archangel, Husk, Wolverine, Northstar) encountered Maximus. He quickly dispatched Wolverine and Northstar left to take him back to the mansion to get him medical assistance. Angel and Husk had to fight Maximus and his pack alone, a battle they barely managed to escape alive.

    The X-Men (this time Angel, Husk, Juggernaut, Iceman, Northstar and Nightcrawler) fought them again and looked like they were about to win, but Maximus blew up the building in which they were fighting, to cover his escape.

    Maximus and the Dominant Species showed up again, fighting against the Exiles and the X-men (who were fighting an evil Havok). Maximus had gone to the school to get Wolf Cub to become part of his pack. He and his group fought the X-teams a few times and won all of the battles (except the one with the Juggernaut), but escaped in the confusion when Havok snapped out of it.

    Maximus Lobo was left depowered Post-Decimation.


    Lobo and his group (the Dominant Species) are mutant were-wolves. They have the ability to turn into vicious beasts resembling bipedal wolf. They have super senses, super strength, enhanced agility, and advanced healing factors. Maximus and others like him are all intelligent, but the others have a habit of repeating the words of their victims instead of talking regularly. Maximus is the only one that doesn't do this. The bones of all members of the Dominant Species are incredibly strong, able to pierce Husk's strongest metal form and go up against Wolverine's claws without breaking. Maximus claims this is nature's way of adapting to the "new threat" of metal. All members of the Dominant Species are drawn to Maximus.


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