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Ghosts to Glory                                                                                                                   
  Maximo had just returned from a far off war to see his former advisor Achille had taken over his kingdom and captured his lover Sophia.  
    Achille kills Maximo with sorcery and Maximo's soul is sent to the

Maximo approached by the Grim Reaper
Maximo approached by the Grim Reaper

 underworld. His soul is stopped in Limbo by the Grim Reaper who offers him a deal. He reveals that Achille was using a drill to open up the Underworld,     taking the undead. The Grim Reaper states that with no more undead, he's out of the job. Maximo is then sent back to the Overworld where he must fight many, many undead to get back to Achille and defeat him.  
    Before he can even get back into his own castle, Maximo must rescue four princesses from four different realms.  
    When Maximo finally defeated Achille and rescued his lover Sophia, she revealed that she was a demon that had been manipulating Achille. After killing the imposter, Grim tells Maximo that Sophia is still alive. 
Beauty is Only Sword Deep                                                                                          
    Maximo was called again to save another kingdom from a Demon lord known as Skaab and defeat his legions of decaying demons known as The Rot. 
Maximo VS the Army of Zin                                                                                           
    Maximo continued to look for his love Sophia. Grim decided to continue to follow him on his journey. He and Grim are interrupted by mechanical beings known as the Army of Zin ransacking villages.
    The Army are powered by lost souls and havn't been active for 500 years as they were locked in a vault. They were awoken by Lord Bane. 
    Maximo is a great swordsman. He can also keep his immortality if when killed, he pays Grim a number of Copper Death Coins, gathered by accumalating enough soul flies. 
    Maximo can also take on a Grim Reaper form and this gives him invulnerability but he can only keep this for a limited amount of time.



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