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    Hired Deathstroke to hunt down Lobo.

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    Director Maxim is the leader of company that to the public seems to be working towards the greater benefits of mankind through genetic and scientific research. When in truth it uses extra Terrestrials as guinea pigs to farther advise its own twisted agendas.

    Maxim is the main man responsible for tracking down and capturing the alien refugees for Lobo's Starpoint ship that crashed on earth 30 year ago. He is also responsible for the capture of Lobo and the forming of The Omegas through blackmail and physical threats.

    Major Story Arcs

    Hunt for Lobo

    For more information see: Hunt for Lobo

    Lobo has escaped from one of Maxim's companies maxium security prisons and Maxim hires Deathstroke to hunt him down and eliminate the alien. He introduces Slade to his Omega team and their leader Zealot. He then leaves the mission up to Slade under the condition that the Omega be aloud to tag along. Slade excepts and during the mission he learns some of what Maxim has been doing to his team. After the mission Slade threatens Maxim, that if he ever hears about Maxim experimenting on the Omegas again Slade will personally kill him.


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