Maxie Shiffman

    Character » Maxie Shiffman appears in 35 issues.

    Maxie Shiffman was Spider-Man's agent. He later became a temporary pawn of Mysterio.

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    Spider-Man's agent
    Spider-Man's agent

    Shiffman became Spider-Man's agent following his successful bout with Crusher Hogan. However, Shiffman had to let Spider-man go after all the bad press the Daily Bugle's esteemed publisher, J.Jonah Jameson gave the wall-crawler.


    Maxie Shiffman was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

    Major Story Arc

    Years later, Shiffman found himself working for Mysterio, who promised to resurrect Shiffman's dead wife if he helped him destroy Spider-Man. Much to his disappointment, he found that Mysterio had lied, and that it was all a ruse; an illusion. Mysterio couldn't bring back Shiffman's wife, and Maxie realized the wrong he had committed against his former client. He preferred the harsh reality of losing his wife than living a lie.

    Other Media

    In the film Spider-Man, Maxie Schiffman's character was known only as Wrestling Promoter. He was played by Larry Joshua.


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