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Maxi-Man is a character created by Len Wein and Joe Phillips who is part of the D.C Comics universe. He first appeared in Mister Miracle Vol 2 #9 October, 1989.


Henry Hayes started out working at an Add Agency, but when he was fired his wife left him with their son. Not much happened until a gene bomb was activated and he was rushed to the hospital. He got his powers when they gave him a dangerous amount of adrenaline that he should have died from, but instead he gained superhuman abilities.

His time in the spotlight was never very big because of all the other super heroes doing a better or faster job than he could. So he went into the business of saving a small-town. However he chose the same place Mister Miracle II had chosen for a home, and Henry Hayes continued to be outdone. Furious at Mister Miracle II he tried to defeat him, but Mister Miracle II just kept avoiding the fight and made Henry look like a fool.

Humiliated and humbled, Henry left to work on his talents. After that he was able to join the Conglomerate to fight crime and eventually became corporate sponsors on the side. As Henry was recruited into the Conglomerate the team was established by private companies and led by Booster Gold. Claire Montgomery a powerful businesswoman recruited Maxi-Man join the Conglomerate, which as a team services to several corporate sponsors such as Danielle Foods, a division of LexCorp.

However due to a mission in which the Conglomerate were sent to the nation of San Sebor the Justice League turned up and attempted to arrest them. This is due to their violation of the United Nations protocol by removing dictator of the nation of San Sebor. Henry and the Conglomerate attacked when one of their liaisons, Thrunctuous, worked with the known criminal Hector Hammond, to create a new superhero to replace the team. Thrunctuous and the superhero, monster, both died in battle. The group survived the bad publicity but the team disbanded and many members of the teams joined the Justice League International.

Maxi-Man's picture is on Roulette's wall of fallen heroes at her club. The club, known as The House, pits drugged heroes against each other to fight to the death.

A new Maxi-Man came to public view when he won a reality-tv show. He has the same powers as the original. He makes his official appearance at a theme park where government agents Nemesis and Diana Prince were working. Debris from an unstable roller coaster knocks the new Maxi-Man unconscious. Nemesis runs to his rescue while Diana Prince, in her Wonder Woman persona saves the coaster.

Major Story Arcs

Justice League America- Spy

Maxi-Man meets with Booster Gold and agrees to join the Conglomerate, as long as Mister Miracle would be a part of it.


Maxi-Man was superhumanly strong and could lift various tons under optimum conditions. Maxi-Man's muscles produced less fatigue toxins than the muscles of ordinary humans. He could exert himself at peak capacity for several hours before fatigue began to impair him. Due to the increased density of his skin and muscle tissues, Maxi-Man although far from invulnerable, he was capable of withstanding impact forces and blunt trauma that would kill a normal person. Maxi-Man legs muscles allow himself to run at incredible speeds beyond that of a normal person .


Height: 6'4"

Weight: 178 lbs

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue


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