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    Maxam is a powerful being who was sent from the future to stop Magus from destroying most of the human race.

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    Maxam was created through the collaboration of writer Jim Starlin and artist Tom Raney.


    • Height: Able to change both size and mass
    • Weight: Able to change both size and mass
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: Black
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    Maxam was born in the far future where a man named Magus who runs an organization called "The Universal Church of Truth" has wiped out a large majority of the human race. Magus is actually an evil version of the Earth hero known as Adam Warlock. Maxam was sent back in time to stop Adam from becoming Magus, or to kill him. Maxam was raised along side his friend Zhang by a Badoon named Master Ecclaw. Ecclaw was a very experienced and wise teacher who helped Maxam become almost immune to psionic attacks by heavily fortifying his mind. Ecclaw did this so no one could uncover the true purpose for Maxam's presence and protect the integrity of the mission.

    During Maxam's mission to stop this alternate future from becoming a reality, he encountered many of Earths present day heroes. The Fantastic Four was a group of heroes that Maxam encountered (the encounter triggering some latent memories as he was familiar with their history) while pursuing Adam Warlock. Due to his abilities to change size and mass at will to accommodate his strength, he was actually able to break out of Invisible Woman's force fields at one point.

    Maxam was able to reach Adam Warlock and inform him of the possible future after he regained his memories due to him wielding the Infinity Gem of Time. Maxam was even made a full fledged member of the Infinity Watch until, in the final issues of the series, he reverted to pursuing his mission and, though it pained him to do so, he engaged his friend Adam Warlock in a battle to the death.

    Maxam seemingly killed Warlock in battle, and was deeply sorrowful about having had to do so. His mission complete, he was immediately teleported away, presumably back to his proper timeline. Maxam was mistaken however as his defeating Warlock was in fact only an illusion implanted into his mind by Infinity Watch teammate Moondragon.

    During Maxam's time with the Infinity Watch it came to light that in addition to being a warrior he also possessed a keen scientific mind as he assisted other scientist heroes in research and testing capacities during the Infinity Crusade. During the Crusade, Wolverine noted that Maxam had no scent.

    Maxam has been completely and utterly unheard from in the decade-plus since Warlock & the Infinity Watch's cancellation.


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