Max Roboto

    Character » Max Roboto appears in 13 issues.

    Man with cybernetic implants and a future enemy of Damian Wayne.

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    Max Roboto first appeared assisting Michael Lane ( Dr Hurt's Batman) in killing the future Batman Damian Wayne which proved unsuccessful. Max next appeared being captured by Damian and interrogated for information on his boss January. He is left at the peril of Joker Toxin infused rats.

    It is implied that Max was the son of a GCPD officer and is bound to a wheel chair obtaining his implants to obtain mobility and turning evil in the process.

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    Max's right eye referred to as "Max's right eye of death" shoots a laser which burns whatever it touches. Max sold his right eye to January for immunization from the Joker toxin which rained from the sky. January uses the eye to attack Batman. The eye was last used by Professor Nichols who uses the laser to kill the future version of himself.


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