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    Max Fury is a life model decoy prototype that is able to think for himself. He was reprogrammed using the Zodiac Key and is unique among LMDs because he does not have any AI programming.

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    Max Fury is a life model decoy prototype of Nick Fury stolen by Jake Fury (aka Scorpio), brother of Nick Fury. Scorpio and Zodiac used the Zodiac Key to reprogram the LMD and give it all of Nick Fury's memories. This LMD prototype was not a robot. It was a synthetic man. The prototype was designed to not have independent thoughts, but the Zodiac Key did something to grant the LMD prototype his own thoughts independent of the default artificial intelligence (AI) programming. After being caught by SHIELD at the fall of the Zodiac team, SHIELD scientists studied the LMD prototype to figure out how it could develop thoughts of its own. Even though the scientists (and Nick Fury) told it that it wasn't really Nick Fury, the LMD prototype kept blocking those thoughts and forgetting that he wasn't the real Nick Fury. Each time, the LMD prototype was told or shown that it wasn't Nick Fury, its mind would reset so that it would believe it was the real Nick Fury.

    The LMD prototype escaped SHIELD custody numerous times and was caught and brought back to the SHIELD helicarrier prison each time. Ten years ago, after he escaped again, he was chased by SHIELD once more. As he was hiding and running from SHIELD, the LMD prototype did what Nick Fury would do, it continued to attack enemies such as HYDRA and AIM and foil terror plots.


    Max Fury first appeared as "Nick Fury" as an LMD prototype and was created by writer David Anthony Kraft. He first appeared shadowed in Defenders Issue #44 (1977) before appearing fully as Nick Fury in Defenders Issue #46 (1977). Max Fury was created by Ed Brubaker and first appeared in Secret Avengers #1 (2010).

    Major Story Arcs

    Shadow Council

    In Secret Avengers it was told that five years ago, Nick Fury and Dum Dum Dugan captured the LMD prototype again. Upon returning to the SHIELD helicarrier, Nick Fury ordered the LMD prototype to be deactivated and incinerated. Unknown to SHIELD, a Shadow Council operative and fellow soldier to Nick Fury during WW2, John Steele, slipped aboard the SHIELD helicarrier and reactivated the LMD prototype. As the LMD prototype and John Steele fled the helicarrier, Steele gave the LMD the name "Max". Secret Shadow Council operatives within SHIELD replaced the missing LMD prototype with another LMD. Nick Fury and Dum Dum Dugan watched the LMD body be incinerated and they believed that unique LMD prototype was finally gone until Nick Fury was informed by Steve Rogers with video surveillance of Max Fury wearing a Shadow Council uniform.

    Secret Avengers, Secret Histories

    Max Fury was introduced to the Secret Avengers during the Secret Histories story arc. Max Fury lead a team of Shadow Council operatives against the Secret Avengers. At first, the team believed it was Nick Fury until Steve Rogers confronted Nick Fury about the situation and learned about Max Fury's origin.

    Eyes of the Dragon

    In Eyes of the Dragon, Max Fury continued to lead the Shadow Council forces along with John Steele against Steve Rogers and the Secret Avengers.


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