Max Faraday

    Character » Max Faraday appears in 32 issues.

    Max is the protagonist of the Divine Right comic series. He is a pizza delivery boy who accidentally inherits divine power by downloading the Creation Equation.

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    Idiot pizza boy who accidentally downloads the Creation Equation over the internet and inherits near-omnipotent powers of a god.


    With the abilities granted by the Creation Wheel (accessed by the Creation Equation in his head), Max is able to not only manipulate, but create reality through sheer force of will. His powers didn't even take much willpower. As long as he believed what he was doing, it happened. His feats spanned from travel across time to the furthest reachest of space, the bringing of the dead back to life (himself included), the erasing of the universe, the creation of new Earths, and even in his death (when he killed himself) tiny fractions of his power were hurled through time and space and became the Orbs of Power that would go on to create those like Void who could alter reality with a thought.

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