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    Formerly one of the world's most notorious supervillains, Max Damage turns over a new leaf after his archenemy and former hero, the Plutonian, goes rogue.

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    Originally, Max Damage was one of the most dangerous superhuman villains.. He likely would have sold out his own grandmother to make a little cash, and one was of the Plutonian greatest foes. Along with his faithful underage sidekick Jailbait, nothing seemed to be able to keep him locked up. But when he decided to steal an object from the CDC in Sky City described by one of the scientists as "apocalypse in a jar", everything changed. He successfully stole it, and just as he was about to open the capsule and release the deadliest plague the world had ever seen, the Plutonian arrived. And the Plutonian opened up with his laser vision on the crowd of assembled bystanders, vaporizing each and every one of them. Max of course had thought that the Plutonian was there for him. But even as Max shot at him, the Plutonian seemed more interested in destroying his surroundings then going after the biggest criminal in the world. All Max received was a simple stare. And that stare would change Max's life forever.

    Becoming A Hero

    For a couple of days afterwords, all Max did was think about what had happened, listening to the radio about the Plutonians actions, the millions he'd killed, and even how he'd begun to slaughter his former allies wholesale. Max had believed that the Plutonian was the one man they could count on to save them from themselves. But without him, they had no one. So Max decided to be that somebody. He became a hero.

    His crew had been busy as well, and in his absence, they'd decided to take a highly experimental weapon built by the infamous villain Dr. Crime, with fission bullet ammunition. As they ran in to a police blockade, they started to trade fire with the cops. But the first round they fired was stopped by the one man they didn't expect. Their former boss, who immediately set to work arresting his former crew, save Jailbait who managed to escape. Back at his hideout, he met up with his underage lover, who made advances on him but was immediately rebuffed. The change in Max was amazing so far, and he'd even brought along a police lieutenant to witness the destruction of everything Max had stolen over the years. The cash, the cars, the jewels, all of it was burned to the ground. Max was starting fresh. The next morning, along with Jailbait and Lieutenant Armadale, he responded to a hostage situation which he promptly handled. Only to find out that the cause was the husbands desire to be given superpowers, courtesy of the villain David Orjean A.K.A. Origin.

    Origin was a biochemical engineer with the ethics of a chainsaw. He'd always claimed he'd developed a way to turn the average Joe in to a superpowered being. But none of his tests had been a success. Or at least that's what Max had thought until they showed up outside of one of Origins warehouses to be assaulted by a being seemingly made of blue flame, who burned himself out trying to fight Max just a few seconds later. But that wasn't Origins only way to make a bit of cash in the new Plutonian ruled world. The attacked revealed the Origin had something everyone wanted. A way to get off the planet, and away from the Plutonian. They entered the warehouse to find Origin dipping some poor girl in to what looked like some sort of green liquid with a monster inside of it. Max ordered Jailbait to get the rest of his clientele out of the building while Armadale called for backup. Meanwhile Max interrogated Origin, who revealed that the device he had to get off the planet was a one way Qubit portal.

    As Max and Jailbait are exiting the warehouse, it explodes, apparently with Origin in it. But as they're talking about what happened back at Armadales house, Max reveals that Origin did not in fact have the Qubit portal. Another well known villain, Amberjack was selling it on the black market for a billion dollars. Max of course left to stop Amberjack, who apparently was holding a grudge against Max after Max had sold him out. During the course of the fight, Amberjack seemed to be gaining the upperhand, until Jailbait, holding the portal device distracted Amberjack. The device fell in to Max's hand, who immediately tried to throw it at Jailbait, who knocked it away at the gigantic robot Amberjack was using to take on Max. Max proceeded to crush Amberjacks cybernetic hand. Jailbait asked if he were aiming for the robot, but Max simply looked down at the Qubit portal. He'd been trying to send Jailbait to a safe place, but this wasn't well received. she stormed out of the place, and Max finished up with Amberjack.


    Max Damage was created by Mark Waid and Jean Diaz.


    Max possesses superhuman strength and resistance to physical damage. These abilties are based on lack of sleep thus the longer he remains awake, the stronger and tougher he becomes. His abilities allow him to go days on end with out sleep but then the downside is that his mind will eventually suffer from severe sleep deprivation and must sleep to avoid it; this is when his abilities reset. In addition, he loses his sense of touch, smell and taste as his abilities manifest an hour after he wakes up.

    His durability has allowed him to withstand fission bullets, high impact falls, and even attacks from energy based beings. He is one of the only beings known to survive physical combat with the Plutonian.


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