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    Former Jedi Shadow who turned to the dark side. He was cut in half in a battle with Jedi Master Rahn, and has repulsor-lifts implanted to replace everything below his torso.

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    Maw was a Jedi Shadow, meaning he operated alone in the outer rim, far from the Jedi Council, after the Jedi Purge he was declared a fugitive. Inquisitor Jerec tracked Maw down, and seduced him to the dark side. Maw, now a dark jedi tracked down and murdered the other Jedi shadows, completing his turn to the dark side. Along with Jerec, Sariss, Boc, Yun, Pic, and Gorc, Maw confronted Jedi Master Rahn, and was cut in half during the battle, he survived and was outfitted with repulsor lifts, allowing him limited flight abilities. Maw later would confront Kyle Katarn in a heated lightsaber duel, at the close of the battle Maw's repulsors were damaged leaving him defenseless, attempting to turn Katarn to the darkside, he started to taunting him about how he helped murder his father. Kyle then killed Maw with his father's lightsaber . 
    His specie was a Boltrunian.
    Maw was played by Morgan Hunter in the game "Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II".



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