Mavis Davis Sykes

    Character » Mavis Davis Sykes appears in 27 issues.

    Wife of the Badger

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    Mavis was raised in a small village in Vietnam practicing shamanistic medicines from her grandmother and martial arts from her father. Even at an early age, Mavis had the ability to talk to animals. When she was older, she studied medicine at the Ecurie Institute in Ho Chi Minh City, but eventually left for America where she completed her medical studies for animals at Northwestern University of Chicago and married Dr. Brewster Davis.

    She gave up her practice in medicine to become a mother, giving birth to two children, Meldrick and Joan, in rapid succession. One night, her husband took the kids out to get pizza and his car was hit by a drunk, killing the three instantly.

    Mavis renewed her studies in the martial arts and stole an invitation from Hodag to the Black Lotor Liu Hu martial arts tournament   held every hundred years. The prize to the winner was that person's hearts desire. Mavis met the Badger on the way to the tournament and decided to travel with him, both traversing pitfalls along the way. Mavis eventually confesses her desire to win to have her kids resurrected from the dead to the Badger. In the final round, Mavis has to face the Hodag, who kills Mavis. The Badger enraged battles the Hodag and kills him, winning the tournament. His only wish is to revive Mavis. Unfortunately, the Black Lotor could not return Mavis her children because of the time that has past and what they would be were they raised.


    In the end, Mavis marries Badger and comes to live with him in Ham's castle in Wisconsin. Mavis uses her skills as a veternarian and ability to talk to animals to care for the ones around the castle. From time to time, she will assist her husband in his adventures.


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