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    Mauri is one of the five ancient gods in the DC universe.

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    Mauri is the Goddess of Love and one of the five ancient gods in the D.C Universe. She plots to take over the world and wants to use the JLA to do it.
    She begins by sending a little group of brainwahsed mans to attack Batman,Aquaman and Green Arrow while they were fling on a bat-jet,however they were soon beaten,another group attacked Green Lantern,Red Storm and Solovar,and were beaten,however they managed to make the heroes stop to help a damaged Red Tornado,Mauri (or Siren) quickly met Green Lantern and seducted him,enabling her to plant a kiss on him,Solovar realise the woman was evil,so she orders Green Lantern to dispatch him,with he does without thinking,then they fly off with Solovar being held as prisoner,leaving Red Tornado behind.
    Meanwhile Batman,Green Arrow and Aquaman stoped the jet and went to the satelite,however both Batman and Green Arrow were under Mauri's charm and both knocked out Aquaman,claiming the Siren's wii is they wii.
    When they arrive Superman quickly notices something strange and says to his team mates take Aquaman to the hospital while he interrogates Mauri,however the goddes soon kiss his lips and puts him under her power.
    Superman and Green Lantern are then sent to capture Flash and Elongated Man,with they easly succed and take then to Mauri,so she can kiss then.
    The woman members of the JLA meet with they friends under Mauri's power and a fight start betwen then,however Superman manages to overcome Mauri's charms because he couldnt hurt his cousin,even when brainwashed,the rest of the team soon overcome her enchantment and Supergirl knocks her out,Mauri is then sent back with the other five ancient gods.


    Mauri posses the power to benwitch any man with a kiss,however her control can and has been overcome by strong will (similar to marvel's Enchantress,but a bit weaker),also Mauri may benwitch man with just her looks,has Green Lantern didnt reacted when she tried to kiss him.
    An interesting another power she haves is the abilty to kiss mans in an indirect way,like when Batman and Green Arrow were punched by two of her worshippers,since they use rings it is quite possible Mauri kissed these rings,enabing some of her controling power enter in the ring and benwitch then in a slower rate

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