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    Character » Maureen Logan appears in 96 issues.

    The wife of Wolverine (Old Man Logan) and mother of his children. She lived in a future in which the villains had taken over.

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    Not much is known about Maureen, exept that she was born just before the rise of the villains. After that, Maureen grew up in a town near the Canadian border and made an old Weapon X facility as her home, together with a number of other revugees. It is here where she met her future husband Logan, as he stumbeled on the facility many years later. It was not before long that Maureen fell in love with Logan and together eventually crossed the Wasteland to eventually find a home. The where married not soon after that. As the wife of Logan, Maureen bore him two kids, Scotty and Jade. Together they all lived in California, under the Hulk Gang's jurisdiction.


    Maureen Logan was created by Mark Miller and Steve McNiven and first appeared in Wolverine Vol.2 issue 66 (2008).

    Major Story Arcs

    The Hulk-Gang and Death

    Maureen and Logan constantly had to worry about paying rent and sometimes she would consider selling her family's possessions to be able to pay. When her family was unable to pay the rent, the Hulk Gang appeared and roughed Logan up. He left with Clint Barton, who promised to pay him if he went along with him. While Logan was away, the Hulk Gang killed her and her kids.

    Other Versions

    Earth 616

    A young girl named Maureen was located by Old Man Logan in the 616 present day reality in a border-town near Canada. Maureen had told Logan stories of her youth back in his own dimension and Logan wanted to protect the young Mareen from threads she told him about in his reality.

    Possible other versions

    She can be an alternate version of Maureen Raven because of her red hair and green eyes. Raven has met fellow mutant Wisdom in Earth-616.


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