Maura Rayner

    Character » Maura Rayner appears in 23 issues.

    Maura is the mother of Green Lantern Kyle Rayner.

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    When Maura was younger she used to be a painter. After Kyle became a Green Lantern she became ill and died it was later revield that Sinestro sent a sentient virus to kill her.

    Major Story Arcs

    Brothers Keeper

    Kyle and Jade fly out to Los Angels to attend Kyle's high school reunion, and while there they stay at Maura's house. With the help of Jade, Maura puts her son Kyle on a guilt trip for waiting so long to introduce her to Jade.

    After the reunion, Kyle tells his mother that he found his father. Maura is happy to hear that he is alive and tells her son that it was her fault that they split up. Kyle knows the truth but allows his mother to lie to him.

    Ion: Guardian of the Universe

    While Kyle is off world Maura gets very sick, her doctor, Dr. Mahdavian, can't figure out what is wrong with her, although he is able to rule out cancer. Maura goes into a coma after some of the test and this is when Kyle returns to Earth. She awakens from the coma to see her son talking to a projection of one of the Guardians of the Universe. Kyle wants to stay by Maura's side but she knows her son has more important things to do and sends him on his way.

    While Kyle is in space, Kilowog, Guy Gardner, and Soranik Natu try to figure out what is wrong with Maura but they have no luck either and Maura dies. When Kyle returns to Earth he discovers his mother is dead but tries to use the power of Ion to bring her back. This kinda works but Maura knows something is wrong wants Kyle to let her rest. Kyle listens and his mother dies in his arms once again.

    Rise of the Third Army

    While trying to get control of the color spectrum Kyle goes to the Zamarons and they use flash-backs of Kyle's past loves to help him channel the Star Sapphire . During one of these flashbacks, Maura is seen in the window watching her husband, Aaron Rayner, leave her and her six year old son.


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