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Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction

Nilsson may have experience in the past, but as far as the other mercs are concerned he's a rookie. Until you run with ExOps for a few years, you haven't seen real combat. However, in this short time, he's proven to move faster than anyone on the battlefield, and a fast merc is a merc who comes home in one piece.

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

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Mattias thrives on chaos. He loves it when governments collapse and things get crazy. He hates and doesn’t care for people in general in general, but sometimes shows a soft spot for the little guy, trying to get by.

He doesn’t care about his personal safety, doesn’t care if he lives or dies. He just likes having fun.


Mattias can be summarized as a "wild man." Rowdy, boisterous and an adrenaline junkie he finds his work as a mercenary allows him to operate independently of those who may disapprove of his actions, his employers typically only concerned with results. It is, at its core, his way of being paid for doing what he loves. Though volatile, he is not sadistic or psychotic. He does not take pleasure from the deadly results of his destructive impulses, though he is not unaware of them either, accepting their inevitability. He is also possessed of a dry, sarcastic wit, delivering his lines with a deadpan tone.

The characteristic that has given him the most fame is his frequent use of high-grade explosives for even the smallest problems and his tendency to not only defeat, but utterly destroy his enemies. Even those familiar with his reputation are shocked by his penchant for explosive violence. He does however have a 'soft' side; loyal to those he considers friends and willing to stand up to a threat to defend them. He also has a soft side for the weaker people. He cares little about who employs him or why, only that it allows him to exercise his love of explosives and destruction. A phrase used many times by Mattias is "Why can't EVERYTHING be rocket propelled?"

According to the Mercenaries 2: World in Flameswebsite, Mattias' favorite form of music is Swedish death metal, a genre that is characteristic of his own aggressive, violent and rebellious nature.

A recurring joke throughout the series is Mattias knowing nothing about babysitting. In Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction during the AN contract where you need to drive a GSRN reporter to various sites, Fiona asks Mattias "Up for a little babysitting?" to which Mattias obliviously replies "What the hell is babysitting?". Also in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames during the UP contract that involves transporting an executive Fiona again refers to baby-sitting, this time Mattias confusingly responding with "Why would anyone sit on a baby?"

Skills and Abilities

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Mattias' time in the Arctic Rangers has made him extremely athletic, capable of running, sprinting, and swimming for long distances. He is also physically strong and coordinated, able to knock out or even kill enemy combatants with one bash from whatever weapon he's holding. His time in the Swedish biker gang has made him an expert in driving motorcycles, and his criminal career has trained him in carjacking and evasive driving.

His stint in various Private Military Companies has given him experience with nearly all modern small arms and military craft, including helicopters, gunships, maritime assault craft, and tanks. He is also very adept at using air strikes, including beacon, radio homing, and satellite coordinated munitions. He is fluent in Russian, Swedish and English.

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