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    Matt Cable was a government officer assigned to protect Alec Holland in Louisiana before he turned into the Swamp Thing. He eventually married Abby Arcane but was later left in a coma when her evil uncle Anton Arcane possessed his body. When his life support was shut off, Matthew died, but was resurrected as the raven companion for Morpheus, King of Dreams.

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    U.S. government agent lieutenant Matthew Cable was assigned to protect Alec and Linda Holland while they worked on their bio-restorative formula deep in the Louisiana swamps. But Cable was unable to save them from the machinations of the Conclave, a sinister organization that wanted the couple to work for their own nefarious ends, and the Hollands were killed.

    When Swamp Thing rose from the bayou, Cable believed it responsible for the Hollands' deaths and set out in pursuit, intent on avenging his friends' murders. Cable's search took him through the Balkans where he met Abby Arcane, who joined him on his quest.


    Matt Cable was created by Swamp Thing team Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson. His persona as Dream's raven was created by Neil Gaiman.

    Major Story Arcs

    Swamp Thing

    Eventually, Swamp Thing revealed his true identity to Cable and Abby, and the trio became close friends. Cable and Abby married and settled in Houma near Swamp Thing. But Cable began to drink heavily, subsequently developing vicious misogynist tendencies, which put tension on his five-year-long marriage to Abby. Worse was to come, though, when Cable became caught up in the ongoing battle between Swamp Ting and Abby's uncle, Anton Arcane. Cable was injured in a drunken car crash and was forced to make a deal with Arcane to save his life. Arcane possessed Cable's body, using it to wreak havoc, including killing Abby. But, with his last remaining strength, Cable overcame Arcane and restored Abby to life, but at a price. Cable was left comatose, a condition he would remain in for three years.

    The Sandman

    Following his eventual death, Cable was reincarnated as Matthew the raven and took up residency in Eve's cave in The Dreaming. There, he became the trusted servant and confidant of Morpheus, the Sandman, even accompanying the Dream King and his sister, Delirium, on their search for their missing brother, Destruction.

    The Dreaming

    Shaken by Morpheus' death, Matthew was initially reluctant to accept his successor, Daniel. However, he remained faithful to The Dreaming, accompanying the nightmare known as The Corinthian into the waking world, an act that initiated a chain of events with tragic repercussions for Matthew. After briefly assuming his human form again, and having one final, emotionally charged meeting with Abby, Matthew was accidentally shot and killed by Lucien, the Sandman's first raven, while pursuing nightmare, Echo.


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