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Matthew Risman was discovered by William Stryker who was able to witness events before they happen using Sentinel technology from the future. While on a mission as an elite sniper, Matthew was contacted and told to return home as a disaster was about to occur. Risman abandoned his target and arrived home in time to rescue his wife and daughter from a landslide that destroyed their house. Out of nowhere, Stryker suddenly appeared and explained how he was able to alert Matthew of the danger to his family. 

Matthew Risman was persuaded to join Stryker's cause; a holy war against mutants. With knowledge gained from Nimrod, the Sentinel from the future, the Purifiers began their assault against the mutant population. Risman himself was able to murder Wallflower of the New X-Men, and the Purifiers massacred many others. After Sryker was killed by Elixir, Matthew assumed leadership of the Purifiers and vowed to finish the work Stryker started. Calling Stryker a martyr, Risman rallied the purifiers to their cause.  

Matthew Risman and his group have found themselves in a race to find the first mutant born since M-Day before either the X-Men can, or the Marauders under Mr. Sinister's command. If successful, the Purifiers will kill the child. The Child was saved by Cable and taken into the future. 

Leader of the Purifiers 
Leader of the Purifiers 
During this time, Matthew has become good friends with Eli Bard. Eli suggested that Matthew rescue the head of Bastion, and connect it to Nimrod, this revived Bastion. Bastion slowly took over the Purifiers. Bastion used the Techno-Organic virusis to revive and/or control many anti-mutant humans, including Stryker. Matthew tried using the newly developed Choir (Humans that have wings based on Archangels wings) to take down Bastion, but through the efforts of X-Force and Archangel the Choir was forced to flee. Matthew went to destroy the Virus contaner, finding Eli with the device. Eli attacked Matthew. It turns out that Eli is some kind of vampire. Before Eli can kill Matthew, X-23 shoots Matthew dead, completing her earlier mission. It is likly that Matthew will stay dead because Bastion does not like him.

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