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Patel apears in Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life.

Mathew was the only non white non jock in middle school and also had mystical poweres. Ramona Flowers and Mathew teamed up and took out the whole football team and kissed once. Ramona dumped him a few weeks later. He didn't become really evil until high school.

In Precious little life Mathew sent Scott a email talking about the league and a fight they will have soon but Scott deleted it. Mathew then sent a letter to Scott but he tossed it. On the day of the concert Mathew broke in while Sex bob-omb was performing and attacked Scott Pilgrim. Scott countered and did a 67 hit combo on Mathew. Mathew then summoned demon hipster chicks and fought Scott. Scott and friends teamed up and destroyed the hipster chicks and Scott defeated Mathew. Mathew turned into a handful of coins.

Other Media

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Movie - In the movie Matthew Patel is played by Satya Bhabha.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Matthew Patel appears as the first world boss in the game just like the comic book and movie. Compared to the rest of the games bosses he is realtivly easy to defeat. This may be intentional as most 1st level bosses are easy and the game has many video game and anime references. He attacks with standard melee and weak fireball attacks. Once he has taken enough damage he will summon the demon hipster chicks and encase himself in an energy pillar. Once the demons are defeated the fight will resume. Once he is low on health Matthew will summon two more Demon Hipster Chicks who will continually teleport while shooting fireballs in a last bid to defeat the players. Once defeated the players receive $2.10 just like in the comic book.


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