Matthew Malloy

    Character » Matthew Malloy appears in 51 issues.

    Matthew Malloy is an Omega level mutant that SHIELD is after because of his incredible powers.

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    Matthew Malloy was introduced during a flashback scene about the Skrull Invasion where he witnessed the death of his wife from an attack from a Skrull ship. A year later, he runs into his wife's sister and she tells him she still cares about him despite what happened. This triggered a memory flash that awakened his powers and he unleashed an energy blast that killed his former sister-in-law. Malloy is asked by a holographic image of Maria Hill who asks if he is a mutant and responsible for this. Matthew doesn't really know what is going on and when Hill sends down SHIELD agents, he accidentally wipes them all out with an energy blast. Xavier during the reading of his Will explains that Malloy was a secret he kept from the other mutants as Matthew was the largest mutant source Cerebro has ever registered. When he met Malloy as a child, he had accidentally killed his family and displayed massive telepathic capabilities. Xavier managed to mentally nudge his way into his Malloy's mind by pretending to be a friend and would periodically block out what he has done with his powers and suppress his abilities, allowing Malloy to live a normal life. As Malloy got older, this became harder to do and eventually the blocks faded and his powers reawakened.


    Matthew Malloy was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Kris Anka and first appeared in Uncanny X-Men Vol.3 issue 23 (2014).

    Major Story Arcs

    Powers Awakened Again

    With Malloy's powers awakening once again, Xavier requested for the X-Men to reimplant the telepathic blocks. Malloy killed Exodus when SHIELD attempted to use him to destroy Matthew. The X-Men tried to follow Xavier's wish by using Rachel Grey. This attempt failed and Malloy destroyed the SHIELD helicarrier but he spared the X-Men. Malloy was approached by Maria Hill once again, but Cyclops intervened and asked him to come with him to talk. Cyclops explained to Malloy, and allowed him to read his mind, and he showed what Xavier was successful in doing, but he showed Malloy that Xavier was also a failure in the sense mutants could never fully merge into society since they were hated and feared so much despite all they have done for people so they will fight for their right of equality. Malloy finds out Scott wants to use him for that fight, and Malloy loses control once again of his powers, but Magik teleports him away, and eventually back when he is calmed down. Magneto shows up and explains how Scott has gone too far but Scott fires back that Magneto was worse than Scott and hurt Xavier. Malloy simply teleports Magneto away. Magik returns with the Eye of Agamotto to show if Malloy will be the savior they want or the end of them. Before they get a chance to use it, SHIELD attacks them and blows them all to skeletons.

    Unbeknownst to SHIELD, Malloy is able to resurrect himself and he comes back, and kills the SHIELD agents. He tries to resurrect Scott and Illanya but to no avail. He comes to the conclusion that Scott was right about humans and he goes to the Jean Grey School. Upon his arrival, Emma Frost is on the lawn grieving about what happened to Scott. She punches him in anger , but in reflex he kills her too. The other X-Men members see this happen and they attack Malloy. He ends up losing control once more and destroys them all and the school. Eva has left with time displaced Xavier and they end up going to where Malloy's parents met and prevent it from ever happening, thus preventing Matthew Malloy from ever existing and undoing all the damage he has ever done.

    Powers and Abilities

    Matthew Malloy is an Omega level Mutant who Charles Xavier called "the largest mutant power source Cerebro has ever registered".

    He has the ability to tap into an extra-dimensional power source that allows him to warp reality to his will. As such his powers include:

    • Telekinesis
    • Telepathy
    • Catatonic Explosions
    • Matter Manipulation
    • Teleportation
    • Self-Resurrection


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