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Matt Hullum is a the real life staff member of Rooster Teeth Productions and a member of the Rooster Teeth Staff. He is the co-founder of RTP and acts as a boss when Burnie isn't around. He has died, gone to Hell, and come back; is chummy with the Devil; and is a little on the cheap side.

Year One 

 He's baaaack
 He's baaaack
Matt was killed off early on when Burnie and Jason decided to see what would happen if they switched his coffee to decaf. The result was his death. His timely resurrection was brought about when the graveyard caretaker haplessly threw an unfinished coffee on Matt's grave.This (and the fact that he had production work to finish) brought Matt back from the dead. He brings Burnie back something special, which ends up being the proof that he went downstairs instead of up. 
During the Prank War, Matt has an anvil dropped on his head by Burnie and Geoff
When Burnie decides that Matt is too boring he has Luke make Matt Asian and then eventually a "chick". 
Matt becomes the Human Resources guy for the company at one point and even makes himself a badge. 
 I know a guy...
 I know a guy...
Eventually Burnie asks how Matt managed to get out of Hell. As it turns out Matt did the Devil a favour by helping him to fool his girlfriend into thinking the Devil was still at work torturing souls instead of at the bar. 
Matt later explains that the Devil is no longer in charge of Hell because Apple bought it for Tech Support. 
Geoff and Gus call Matt and Jason posers for getting in a fight over Cookies (Matt) vs. Brownies (Jason). Not as intense as the Pie vs Cake debate, but a little more violent. 
Burnie and Matt love Desperate Housewives, but shun Geoff for watching American Idol. 
Matt gets in trouble with his grandma when Burnie and Geoff send her an unsavoury e-mail in Matt's name.  
Matt, ever mooching off Burnie for a meal or purchase, is the master of not paying for anything. Burnie even goes so far as to set a trap to catch Matt in the act of "borrowing" company merchandise. 
Gavino gets in trouble with Matt for drinking tea instead of coffee. 
Oh, not that joke 
Oh, not that joke 
Matt becomes a wealth of knowledge for anyone with a problem when his answer is sending them to Hell or having his buddy the Devil deal with it. When Geoff has trouble getting rid of his adopted son, Matt offers to send him to school in Hell. The result isn't pretty. 
Matt visits Hell to "escape the Texas heat". 

Year Two

In order to help boost company drinking (a problem that Geoff claims plagues the company) Matt does his part and goes against his nature as the elusive "Drinking Matt" persona, which is later revealed. 
Matt makes the mistake of giving Burnie a coupon for a "Free Back Rub from Matt" and gets himself into a very awkward situation.  
Matt and Burnie have a Celebrity Death Pool. Matt has Burnie listed on his twice along with Hannah Montana. 
Matt helps the Devil move. And on a Saturday. 
Interns need to know their place 
Interns need to know their place 
In order to prevent another intern escape (Gavino) Matt chains Ben to his desk. 
When Geoff tries to drives his wife away by playing video games nonstop, Matt suggests an easier way that might actually work. Matt offers up the Devil's help because the Prince of Darkness is saving up for a hockey table and needs the weekend work.  
 Is that smell me?
 Is that smell me?
On the two year anniversary of his death Matt has to wear pine scented air-fresheners. He is dead after all. 
Matt gets pulled over for a DUI, when in reality he's just played Soul Caliber 4 for too long and has "after boobs" vision.  
When Gus is having marital problems, Matt offers up the Devil's services.  

Year Three

Burnie tries to capitalize on the cute cat picture part of the internet. Unfortunately Finch does not choose to cooperate. After his attempt to dress her up in a tutu Finch pretty much disowns Burnie. Cats can sense desperation, as Matt says. Eventually Burnie finds a way to get a LOL cat picture without the cat. He dresses Matt up in a cat costume instead.  
Matt's obsession with font types is brought up again. 
  When Griffon looks back through the guys's history in an attempt to find some major dirt on them she uncovers that Matt was a bully and called himself the Hull.  
When Matt tries to get in on Geoff and Gus's D&D nights, he is painfully shut down. 
Matt gets caught up in the auto-tuner trend and ends up paying for it when he annoys Burnie a little too long. 
Matt tries again to have Geoff and Gus accept him into their D&D world and at least paint miniatures with them.  
When Geoff finds and digs up a  "holy card" in his yard Matt visits for the first time promoting the Dark Prince's words. Actually he's selling Hades Time Shares and ways to Get Rich with Satan.  

Running Gags

 Just saying
 Just saying "Hi"
The Devils Cup acts as a constant reminder of Matt's time in Hell. He always has it with him. 
Chumming with Satan is part of Matt's character. He and the Prince of Darkness are pretty good buddies.  
Using the company merch is something Matt always does, much to Burnie's irritation. He is always wearing his Sarge shirt, but has a spare Blue Army shirt underneath.  
Cats like him best again much to Burnie's dismay. At least Finch has a friend.  
Wearing company merchandise (mainly his Red Army shirt) drives Burnie crazy to no end and was a short arch in the comic where Burnie tried to get Matt to pay for the clothes.
Luke drawing Matt  in some pretty crazy ways is a pretty common, but not always tasteful. 

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